dreamstime_xs_3002690  blog 2You may be moving from a home with lots of memories, some good and maybe some not so good. What factors are going to influence your decisions about where you move?

At this time in your life you may decide that downsizing makes sense. A smaller home may give you more financial flexibility and allow you to really enjoy your retirement. Will your furniture fit in a smaller home or will you need to sell or donate your present furniture and buy new smaller pieces? It can be fun to ‘decorate’ your new life in your new home.

Staying or moving closer to other family members can be a big change. Are there grandchildren to watch grow up or older family members you want to stay close to? Precious family moments are not to be missed.

Do you enjoy being close to outdoor activities and/or cultural activities, restaurants, shopping and entertainment? Will the things you like to do be close to your new home?

Moving to a new location isn’t entirely about buying a home, it is also about finding the right neighborhood/community.

Will moving mean you need to make changes in your medical care – will you be moving to an area with the same level of care you are getting now?

Have you talked to your Realtor® about a fair market value for your present home and had your Realtor® research prices of homes that have sold in the last 3 months in the area you would like to live? You may have a sale price for your current home in mind and find out that homes really aren’t selling for that amount in your area. The market is constantly changing so make sure you have accurate information.